Tishk International University Football Tournament


Tishk International University Football Tournament The Tishk International University hosted a thrilling football tournament between the different stages of the Faculty of Pharmacy from March 1st to March 10. Sixteen teams, consisting of 10 players each, competed against each other, showcasing their skills and teamwork on the field. After several rounds of intense matches, the final match was held on March 10 between the 5th grade students and 2nd grade students. The atmosphere was electric as both teams took to the field, determined to emerge victorious. The match was a close affair, with both teams displaying excellent technique and strategy. [...]

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International Women’s day celebration in Faculty of Pharmacy


Dr. Zeynel Polat, Dean of students Representative and Male Staff of the Pharmacy Department of TIU, organized the International Women’s day celebration at the University with great enthusiasm on March 8th, 2021. Pharmacy Block Room No.301. Dr. Duran Kala, Dean of Pharmacy gave speech in the Pharmacy Block, Room 301, regarding women’s day and the significant roles women play in society. The ceremony included cutting cake and presenting gifts and flowers to female staff and students in celebration of this important day, and acknowledgement of their great achievements and power.

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Breaking Up Monotony of Studying Alone


Spending a lot of time alone studying can become monotonous. Joining a study group can add a social aspect to your study routine. It also gives you an outlet for discussing topics that you are struggling with at university with other students. Being part of a study group allows you to observe different types of study methods. Your own study methods might be good, but you may also be able to sharpen your skills by adding new methods that your group study members are using. For this purpose, on 21 of January 2021 first grade class advisors arranged two group studies [...]

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Campus life: 3rd graders lunch gathering


on February 19 2020, the 3rd stage pharmacy students organized a lunch with the participation of staff sharing unforgettable moments  together with enjoying delicious food and sweets that brought joy to their souls and their stomach as well here is the day at a glance through the lenses of the talented student Omar Mamand  

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Pharmacy internal seminar


on February 4 2020, the faculty of Pharmacy held its first internal seminar with the participation of all pharmacy staff. the seminar discussed updated scientific information in a variety of disciplines within the Pharmacy profession. Firstly, Dr.Subasini Uthirapathy gave a presentation about Obesity and covered the Pharmacological protocol of its treatment, then Dr. Javed Ahamad followed with a presentation about the importance of Ethnomedicine, and lastly Dr. Omji Porwal gave a presentation discussing the standardization of crude drugs.  

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Rojava Fundraising Event


As the humanitarian crisis in Rojava reached its peak during the past month, many families fled to Kurdistan Region and are currently in need of basic life necessities. Based on that, on November 12, 2019,  the Deanery of Students at Tishk International University organized a fundraising event to deliver aid to our brothers and sisters from Rojava. Pharmacy staff and students have actively participated in the event with their donations, food, and clothing to help decrease even a whit of the suffering and hardships facing the people from Rojava.  

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