Chemistry in medicine | Its Role and Importance in Health Care

  • Chemistry plays an essential role in the field of medicine.
  • Most of the drugs used for treatment, cure, prevention of a disease or disorder are made of some chemical.
  • Hence study of chemistry and having a knowledge of chemistry is vital for healthcare professionals like a doctor, nurse and also a pharmacist.
  • Chemistry is important in aspects of daily life of medical professionals as it is involved in the principles of sterilization, sanitation, diagnosis, drug and also disease.
  • It helps them to give proper medical support to the patients without any errors.
  • But below we will see the role of chemistry in the medical field in points.


Importance of chemistry in medicine

  1. In knowing the actual composition of the drug
  2. Understanding the chemical nature of the drug.
  3. Predicting the drug interactions
  4. For sterilization and sanitation.
  5. In the diagnosis of a disease.
  6. To regulate the distribution of medicine.
  7. Decrease the toxic effect of the drug and enhance tolerability.
  8. To discover more new drugs or improve the potency
  9. To study the mechanism of disease.
  10. To know how the drug acts.