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Dr.Esra Tariq Anwar

The faculty of Pharmacy at TIU focuses on a student-centered curriculum that provides a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences. After successful completion of the University’s general education core requirements and of the professional pharmacy curriculum along with the University’s General Education core requirements, students are awarded the B.S. degree in Pharmacy. Graduates have several job opportunities such as pharmacists of community pharmacies or hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry, as medicinal representatives and depositories of the medicines, pharmaceutical inspection, and research, with different areas of clinical pharmacy.

Our teaching curriculum integrates biomedical, pharmaceutical, and clinical fields of learning in order to achieve efficient patient-centered practice by pharmacy graduates. The distinguished academic teaching staff members with their research records are dedicated to achieving the pharmacy program outcomes through implementing a diversity of modern teaching/learning strategies. Our department offers a good opportunity for research studies in all Pharmaceutical fields because of the well-equipped scientific laboratories, the learning facilities including the university library, and the scientific collaboration with international universities are among our programs to pursue academic excellence. Moreover, social, cultural, and sports events are also encouraged.