Jobs after Bachelor:

Hospital Pharmacist
Community Pharmacist
Clinical Pharmacist
Onco Pharmacist
Pharmacist in retail pharmacies
Clinical research associate
Medical sales representative
Regulatory affairs officer
Medical writer
Production chemist/ quality control chemist/ quality assurance analyst
Research assistant in Universities
Eligible for Master and then for doctorate
Jobs after M. Pharm and PhD:

Academicians (Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Professor) in University
Research Scientist
Product/process development scientist
Drug discovery and development
Clinical research
Public Hospitals
Military Hospitals
Private Hospitals
Retail Pharmacies (Individual/Chain)
Public and Private Pharmaceutical Industries
Manufacturing Units
Sales & Marketing
Corporate offices
Clinical Research Org.
R & D Units
F & D Units
API/Bulk Drug Industry
Public/Private Research/Testing laboratories
Educational and Psychological centers
Drug Information Centers/ Drug and Poison Information centers.
International educational NGO’s
Medical Equipment Companies
Cosmetic Industries.
Public Universities and Institutes
Private Universities and Institutes
Hospital Pharmacist works as the qualified drug expert, whose advice is sought by everybody regarding dosage, incompatibility and adverse effects.
Dispensing the Exact Drug, Correct Dosage form, with proper Dose, considering previous drug allergies and any possible drug incompatibility, while counselling the patient regarding food and drug interactions.
A Pharmacist gathers necessary theoretical and practical Information during the course to cope up with the working needs of different Units of Pharmaceutical Industries.
Developing theoretical and practical acumen for operating various Instruments which are used in Testing/research/API laboratories.
Self Confidence, reliance, esteem and team spirit is instilled during the course by debates, dialogues and group projects.
Psychomotor skills and critical thinking is developed by curriculum Projects and pharma trainings.
Presentation, and oration capacities are developed by participation in Seminars/Conferences and Tutorials.
Writing and communication skills are developed by proposal/synopsis writings.