TIU celebrates Worlds Pharmacists’ Day

The Faculty of Pharmacy of Tishk International University celebrated Worlds Pharmacist’s Day on November 7th, 2021. The occasion was to be celebrated on the 25th of September this year, however, the event was postponed due to several faculty issues. Also, students are usually not on campus, as the new academic year usually begins in October.

This event was opened by a welcome speech by Asst. Prof Dr. Abdul Samad Salahuddin Ahmad, President of TIU, and Dr.Duran Kala, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy. Two speakers were invited to present a seminar under the title of ”Patient Careers and Road To Diagnosing and Treating Diseases”, through the (A Basic Therapeutic Review) book by Dr.Anas Hawar Khurshid and Dr.Marwan Qasim Nadir respectively, as well as with the participation of staff and students from different grades.

Dr.Anas Hawar Khurshid, Operation Manager at Clinica Medical Group and the co-founder of the KPSA Organization talked about the fields of employment for a pharmacist, the tasks of each field, and what students can do to facilitate their job hunt, and improve their careers before graduation.
Dr.Marwan Qasim Nadir, Author of “A Basic Therapeutic Review” book, mentioned the responsibilities of community pharmacists, methods for diagnosing acute cases, and how to use certain drugs for diagnosing and treating minor cases by using his book.

Finally, students, staff, and speakers captured a photo together and students enjoyed spending useful time with the speakers and discussing different topics with each of the presenters.