Why to Join Faculty of Pharmacy?

We strongly suggest/recommend Pharmacy Faculty of TIU to all the applicants. The rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is based on the following points:

  1. Pharmacy is one of the booming professions of the hour which is becoming more relevant after the outbreak of Covid-19.
  2. Various areas of Pharmacy profession are yet to be paced well in KRG, which in the coming times shall open new ventures of career, such as DRA, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical data management.
  3. We offer high standard education with international academic professionals.
  4. We offer European standard curriculum.
  5. We offer high standard education with laboratory-oriented teaching.
  6. We offer Scientific exposure to the students by encouraging them to participate in national and International conferences being organized at TIU.
  7. We equip the students with the techniques and skills required by the pharma-industry.
  8. We do train the students with the operational knowledge of research-based Instruments very frequently being used in industrial setup, Such as UV, FTIR etc.
  9. For the overall development of our students, we organize various extra-curricular activities and Sport events.
  10. We give our applicants a friendly environment / atmosphere where they can communicate easily with all academics of their interest (this enhances their communication skills).
  11. We certainly provide advice and consulting services for applicants who are not properly educated and who allow us, with the support of Academic supervisors, to deal with their academic and personal problems.