The Faculty of Pharmacy arranged a ceremony for freshman students with the purpose of celebrating the end of their first academic year in the Department, held on June 24th, 2021. The event was administered by the Dean of Students Representatives, Dr. Zeynel Polat, Dr. Rozhan Arif, and important class advisors.

The ceremony started with a moment of silence in respect to our martyrs and was followed by the Kurdistan National Anthem. The President of Tishk International University, Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdulsamad Salahuddin and the Dean of Students, Mr. Ali Bala each delivered a speech in the presence of Faculty academic staff, in which they congratulated and encouraged the students to work hard, wishing them great success and support through their academic journey.

At the end of the ceremony, students were asked to wear their white coats and recite the oath of Pharmacy, repeating after the Head of Department, Dr. Esra Bayraktar, promising to exhibit professionalism throughout their college life and professional career. They also vowed to maintain their loyalty and sympathy towards their future patients. To mark this special day, all staff and freshman students of the Pharmacy Department took a photo in front of the Pharmacy Faculty building.