Tishk International University Football Tournament

The Tishk International University hosted a thrilling football tournament between the different stages of the Faculty of Pharmacy from March 1st to March 10. Sixteen teams, consisting of 10 players each, competed against each other, showcasing their skills and teamwork on the field.

After several rounds of intense matches, the final match was held on March 10 between the 5th grade students and 2nd grade students. The atmosphere was electric as both teams took to the field, determined to emerge victorious.

The match was a close affair, with both teams displaying excellent technique and strategy. The match continued with both teams creating numerous chances, but the score. However, the 5th grade students took control of the game, and they were able to break through the 2nd grade students’ defense with a well-taken goal. The 2nd grade students tried their best, but it was too late as the 5th grade students emerged as the champions of the tournament.

The players from both teams were applauded for their efforts, and the tournament organizers praised the players for their sportsmanship and fair play throughout the tournament. The organizers were praised for hosting such a well-organized tournament.

The football tournament at Tishk International University was a huge success, and it provided an excellent platform for the Faculty of Pharmacy students to showcase their sporting skills and spirit of competition.

  • Tishk International University | Faculty of pharmacy
  • Tishk International University | Faculty of pharmacy