Community Project: Reducing Chemical Exposure at Home

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University arranged a community service project to raise awareness against the harmful effects of chemical misuse at home, including cleaning our hands or washing the dishes.

The results of wrongful usage can lead to various diseases and inflammations that can sometimes even be fatal. To reduce such risks, the students of our faculty, under the supervision of Mr. Mohammed Fatih and Ms. Dania Awni, gathered at Family Mall to demonstrate the correct way to use such chemicals in order to protect themselves and their families from the risks associated with the chemicals.

A booklet in the Kurdish language was prepared by our students for the public, explaining the role of chemical products in cleaning and how to use them correctly. Moreover, the side effects of misusing them and their mechanism that links cancer and infertility with the misuse of chemical materials were illustrated. An alternative to harmful chemical compounds was also included in the booklet.

The Faculty of Pharmacy extends its deepest gratitude to Kar Group and Paky Hospital for sponsoring this project. The project was held in Family Mall on two consecutive days.

On the first day (Oct. 28th,2022), six students and their supervisor distributed the booklets and explained the project to more than 100 people in Family Mall. Ten students and their supervisor contributed on the second day of the project (Oct. 29th,2022), explaining the project and distributing the booklets to the employees at Family Mall and other attendees.