Pharmacy Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony

An appreciation ceremony was organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Dean of Students Representatives on December 23rd of 2021. The event was attended by the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Duran Kala, faculty staff, and our beloved students. The purpose of the event was to honor the major contributions of the academic and administrative staff at the Faculty. It also aimed to shed light on how students also play an important role in the community service activities performed by the faculty in the 2020-2021 academic year.

The ceremony started with a short speech delivered by the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Dr. Duran Kala, to welcome all attending staff and students, and thanked them for their consistent hard work and effort throughout the year. The Dean expressed his appreciation for the valuable contributions made and shared his happiness for the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication put forth by all faculty members. He also highlighted his content with all students volunteers who have participated in community and social projects and explained how such actions make a change in society and set a significant model for others to follow.

Appreciation certifications were given to all pharmacy staff and students for their cooperation. The best present you can give a person is your time and effort. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University is proud of all its students and staff for excellent participation and efficient work.