Seminar on Pharmacy Students and their Future

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University organized a seminar on Pharmacy Students and their Future. The seminar was held for fifth-grade students on June 16th, 2022, on the last day of their final examinations. 

The invitee speaker in this seminar was Dr Bayar Aram, Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Freelancer. The purpose of this seminar was to highlight job opportunities and career options for pharmacists after they graduate from university. The seminar also aimed to discuss the drug manufacturer types with their differences, the most common questions the students may encounter in a job interview and how to answer them in a well-prepared and appropriate manner.

The presenter further talked about CV components, how to write a good CV according to the job desire and requirements, and how to send them via email. He wrapped up the event by delivering a motivational speech to encourage students to prepare for their future journeys. On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy, we would like to thank Dr Bayar Aram for his scientific contributions to this enlightening seminar and his motivational efforts to encourage our new graduates to work hard in their future professional journeys.