The Faculty of Pharmacy arranged a scientific trip for fifth-stage students to Awamedica Pharmaceuticals in Erbil. The students were divided into two groups and visited the company on the 5th and 6th of July, 2021.

Awamedica staff warmly welcomed our students and presented a short presentation about the history, establishment, and growth of the company. The presentation also covered information regarding the products and dosage forms they produce. The team further discussed their current contracts with other pharmaceutical companies and future plans for business development and expansion.

After that, a team of highly skilled staff accompanied the students on a tour of the manufacturing area and explained the process of preparing the dosage forms, covering the use of raw materials, the capacity of each manufacturing room, and the quality control procedures required. The team also visited the packaging room where the drugs are set to their final form ready to be marketed. The students acquired great knowledge during the visitation and learned how drugs are manufactured before being sold and dispensed to patients in pharmacies and hospitals.