The Faculty of Pharmacy enjoys a hiking trip to Safin Mountain

A hiking trip to Safin Mountain, Kurdistan Region was organized by the Dean of Students of Tishk International University on November 6th, 2021. Around 200 students and 12 staff members participated from the Faculty of Pharmacy. Each class was supervised by class advisors to provide guidance and assistance to students throughout the outing.

Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness, promises spectacular views and astonishing natural sights away from the city. Hiking refers to a vigorous, long, and difficult walk in the countryside or on the mountain. The term trekking is also used indistinctly with hiking; the difference between the two lies in the distance and duration of the walking activity. There are several different types of hiking, each defining a program of specific difficulty and duration.

During this trip, the participants took a long walk up the mountainside. Upon reaching the top, students and staff gathered to rest and enjoy the wonderful view. Many fun activities were performed including singing, eating, and playing games. All partakers were asked to bring a small backpack with them containing all basic needs for the day such as water, snacks, and fruits. The group was guided through the safest route, ensuring the welfare of everyone.

Dr. Duran Kala, Dean of Students, would like to thank everyone who took part in this outdoor activity and hopes that all had a delightful time.