Participation in Mercy Corner 2022

Mercy Corner is an annual project organised by the Deanery of Students at Tishk International University. This year’s project was dedicated to people in need and aimed to shed light on the situation and raise awareness among our students. A food fundraising event was held on December 18th, 2022, and with significant contributions from all TIU staff and students, our university raised over $3,914 for people in need.

The project aimed to provide help and support tdeo those in need and convey our understanding and care towards their situation in an effort to raise cognisance that we may find ourselves suffering in such situations one day. Further, we intend to enhance the sense of service and sympathy towards humanity and highlight to TIU society the importance of giving and putting others before yourself: to live a life of service.

The Faculty of Pharmacy brought food of different kinds, from main meals such as dolma, bryani…etc. to all sorts of delicious desserts for everyone to enjoy. Under the guidance of the Faculty’s Dean of Student Representatives, our students worked hard to attract donations while raising awareness amongst fellow students on the people in need, and the importance of humanitarian work and volunteering.

The amount raised from this event delighted all who participated and were proud of conveying the project’s aim to all surroundings and participants, from TIU students and staff to guests who had come to visit. This helped to raise awareness among all the participants and opened a gateway for everyone to help without exception, which will ultimately help the poor and in need in our community. This event helped raise a helping and caring spirit within the university where everyone could express their sympathy and offer their help.

Hence, this shows how important it is for the students and the university to organise such projects that involve collaboration and contributions in order to achieve something so powerful and meaningful. For this purpose, special thanks to everyone who participated in organising and carrying out this project.