On 2nd January 2023, the Faculty of Pharmacy’s first-grade students participated in an orientation program prepared by the faculty. The students showed enthusiasm by attending the orientation, actively listening, and participating in the program.

The orientation started at 1:30 PM, where the program’s host Dr. Sana Sirwan welcomed the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Vedat Koksal, to give his speech to the newcomers and future pharmacists. Dr. Vedat congratulated the students and warmly welcomed them to the faculty, expecting them to work hard and give their all in the next five years ahead of them. He also explained what it takes to be a student working in the medical field and the characteristics and values they should behold in their life from now on.

Next, an overall view of Tishk International University‘s system, the study system and regulations within the faculty was explained to our new dear students by the Head of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Esra Bayrakdar. Dr. Esra began her speech by welcoming and congratulating the students and emphasized the faculty’s dedication and excitement in helping the new students achieve their goals. The Head of the Faculty of Pharmacy also briefly introduced the faculty and the different departments before diving into details about the system and the students’ handbook, which contains all the regulations students require. GPA, attendance, and subjects students will study during the program were also discussed. A small coffee break was given to the students in which sweets prepared were shared among the students and staff before the next part of the orientation began again.

The Dean of Students Representatives conducted the last session in the Faculty of Pharmacy, in which the value of activities was explained to students, and how in TIU, alongside education, community service projects, activities, workshops, and projects are encouraged and appreciated. Dr. Zeynel Polat and Dr. Rojan Arif gave a brief introduction on the Dean of Students’ work in the faculty before Dr. Sarmad Jabbar gave a presentation about each activity from workshops, community service projects, picnics, gatherings, group studies and so on, explaining the aim of each and encouraging the students to realize the importance of such extracurricular works and activities as it helps them enhance their knowledge as well as their experiences.