Music In the Valley (Autism Awareness Project)

As part of the Autism Awareness Project organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University, a concert was held on 2nd December 2021  in the presence of the Director of Hana Autism Center. More than 120 students and faculty staff members enjoyed listening to two of our students who are named after the “Double Muhammed”- Muhammed Soran and Muhammad Ameer, Kurdi”. The purpose of this concert was to collect donations for the Autism Awareness project and increase awareness about the disease.

To begin the concert, a video was presented by the Director of Hana Autism Center, Mrs. Zakroz. Once the concert was over, to wrap up the event, Dr. Esra, Head of Faculty of Pharmacy, delivered an encouraging speech to students and thanked them for their significant contributions. In this event around 300 000 ID was collected to fund the project.