General and  2nd, 3rd , 4th, and 5th  year students
September 1 Starting of New Academic Year
September 16-27 Course Registration Days
October 7-11, One Course Examination  Period
October 7,8 Courses Add / Drop Days
November 17-24 Mid-Term  Exam of Fall Term
November 15 Education Faculty Pop Conference
November 21 Public Holiday- Mouloud-The Prophet’s  Birthday)
December 23 Nano Technology workshops or Conference
December 25-31 Holiday for university (According to university council decision)
January 1 Public Holiday – New Year’s Holiday
January 6 Public Holiday –  Army  Day
January 10 END of FALL TERM COURSES –  Last Day of Fall Term
January 12–24 Final Examination Period (Dentistry and Law 2,3,4 Mid-Term Examination Period)
January 27 Faculty Examination Committee Meeting
January 28 General Examination Committee Meeting
January 29-31 Objection Days
January 31 The closing of  PIS  system
February 2 Preparing to courses into  PIS
February 3 STARTING SPRING TERM – First Day of Spring Term
February 3–4 Course Registration Days
February 10–11 Add and Drop Days
February 10–14 One Course Examination Period
February 19-21 Visit Days Fair- For High School Students
February 16 1st International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics and Education
February 25-26 5th  International Engineering Conference-IEC2019
March 4 Thanks to martyrs
March 5 Public Holiday -Memorial Day of the Uprising Day
March 8 Women Day Activity
March 9 6th international Conference of Applied Science, Energy and Environment-ICASEE 2019
March 11–25 Spring Holiday (Newruz) for students
March 11 Public Holiday -Uprising of Erbil and anniversary of 11 March agreement
March 14 Public Holiday -Birthday of Mr. Mustafa  Barzani
March 21-25  Public Holiday-Nawroz, Kurdish New Year celebrated on the spring equinox
April 25 Public holiday-Easter (only Christian students)
April 5,6,9 Graduation Days(Photography )
April 9 National Holiday   Liberation Day
April 10-11 2nd ICABEP 2019 (International Conference on Accounting, Business, Economics, and Politics) Conference – Business Department
April 13-20 Mid-Term  Examination Period
April 6-20 Mid-Term  Examination Period Dentistry and Law  Faculties
April 17 Public Holiday -Yezidi Religious Day
April 20 NASCON students conference
April 23   Clean Day Activity(Love Kurdistan) – Business Dep.
April 24 Spring Ceremony Day(Language & Culture Fair & Science Fair)
April 25-26 4th ICOS-2019
April 27 10th International Visible Conference on Educational Studies and Applied Linguistics-Vestal 2019
April 30 4th ILIC (International Legal Issues Conference) 2019  Law Faculty
May 1 Public Holiday-Labor Day
May 2 I BASIC 2019 Student Conference – Business Department
May 5 NICE 2019 4th National Innovation Conference in Engineering Faculty
May Health and Safety Trial
May 15 Career Day
May 30 END OF SPRING TERM COURSES -Last Day of Spring Term
June 2,4 Teaching Break- Holiday
June 4,5,6 Public Holidays- Feast of Ramadan (Eid Al Fitr)
June 8–22 Final Examination Period All Faculties
June 24 Faculty Examination Committee Meeting
June 25-26 General Examination Committee Meeting  and  announcement of final grades
June 25-27 Objection Days
June 26 Graduation Ceremony
June 30 The closing of  PIS  system
July 14 National Holiday- Public Day Iraq
August 3–7 Summer School Registration
August 8 Courses Add / Drop Days
August 12–15 Public Holiday- Feast of Sacrifice (Eid Al Qurban Feast)
August,18 September, 19 Summer School  Education Period  in all departments
August 18 September,26 Make-up Examination Period
September ,1 Public Holiday-  Muharram-Islamic New Year
September 10 Public Holiday- Ashura
September 15-28 Course Registration Days
September 21-26 The final exam of Summer School Course
September 28 Faculty Examination Committee Meeting
September 29 General Examination Committee Meeting
September 30 The closing of  PIS  system
Octomber 1 Starting of 2019-2020