Assigning New Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

In honour of the assignment of the new Dean of the Faculty Pharmacy at Tishk International University, faculty staff organised a small celebration on December 6th, 2022. The celebration was joined by staff members, including the former Dean of Pharmacy, Dr. Duran Kala and the Head of the Department, Dr. Esra Bayrakdar.

The former Dean, Dr. Duran Kala, warmly congratulated the new Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Vedat Koksal, and delivered a speech thanking the staff for their work and wishing the best of luck to Dr. Vedat Koksal and the faculty in their future projects and academic years ahead. Dr. Esra Bayrakdar congratulated Dr. Vedat Koksal, wished him all the best in the future, and thanked Dr. Duran Kala for his continuous support and guidance to the faculty, forever appreciating his help and efforts. Dr. Vedat Koksal thanked the faculty for the preparations and delivered a speech encouraging and motivating staff, uplifting their spirits by emphasising acting as a team and family. He finalised his speech by highlighting how they could all work together to enhance the faculty. 

On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy staff and students, we convey our warmest congratulations to the new Dean, Dr. Vedat Koksal. Also, a special thanks to the former Dean, Dr. Duran Kala, for his extraordinary efforts during the past years; his guidance and leadership are forever appreciated.