Sirius Ikiagai Art Exhibition

In collaboration with the Dean of Students at Tishk International University, the Faculty of Pharmacy organised an Art Exhibition titled Sirius Ikiagai on June 9th, 2022. The exhibition presented 18 paintings drawn by our talented 5th-grade student Srusht Subhi, depicting string art, stone art, nature, women empowerment, power, peace, and national and international conflicts (Quds, Kurds). Our young artist also presented calligraphy, square Kufic calligraphy, workforce, and parents’ love. 

The event commenced at 10:30 AM in the presence of Dr Mehmet Ozdemir, Academic Vice President and Dr Muhammad Abdulghani, Dean of students.

On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy, we would like to congratulate Srusht Subhi on her achievements and creativity and wish to see more of her outstanding work in the future.