On 21st February 2021, 3rd Year Pharmacy Students paid a visit to Hana Autism Centre as part of the Pharmacy Faculty’s community service project, organized and supervised by Ms. Amani Tahsin. The volunteers spent unforgettable moments with the strong little warriors of this center. The team of volunteers comprised of staff and students acquainted with autism awareness and have an interest in charity work and philanthropy.

The event included a tour of the center and a visitation to all the different classrooms within. A meeting was held with the autistic children, and the team expressed great love and friendliness towards the beautiful children. It provided the group an opportunity to interact with the tender-heart battlers during their regular activities and witness their daily life struggles. The volunteers further exchanged ideas with the staff of Hana Centre and had many enquiries regarding the needs of the foundation, in order to gain a better understanding of the center’s mission and future plans. At the end of the visit, further steps were planned to fulfill the demands of the Autistic children and provide them with more facilities.

Both our team and the center enjoyed this event and were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the visit: it assured the volunteers and cultivated an intuit of service to the community within them. This was an initial step of the project; further activities will be organized to help autistic children and raise awareness amongst students and general society to support people with such illnesses and those in need.