As a last contribution to the community service project “Reducing chemical Exposure at Home”, the organizers of the project visited Zhyar School to raise awareness to the students in the school.

The visit was done on Nov, 10, 2022 by the Faculty of Pharmacy’s dear staff and students who had helped and was part in organizing the project. They presented a seminar regarding the project and shared the importance and danger of the chemicals misuse and the hazardous consequences that can follow. Since chemicals used in our homes daily can cause harmful effects to different organs of the body such as skin, respiratory and reproductive systems. They also explained the alternatives that we can use instead of such chemicals which are of natural origin that are easily accessible in pure homes. The seminar was presented by the 3rd Grade students of the faculty Mr.Yad Haval, Ms.Shanaz Bakr, Ms.Maawa Kaifi and Ms.Sara Aza.