Participation of Faculty of Pharmacy in 6th International Festival of Language, Culture, and Science

Tishk International University held its 6th International Festival of Language, Culture, and Science on March 8th, 2023. The festival, organized by the Dean of Students, centred around the theme of Women’s Empowerment.

The event started with a speech by Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of the Board of Trustees, who highlighted the significance of this event, and thanked the generous support of the main sponsor, MG Motor, as well as other sponsors like Khoshnaw Group, Show Market, and Istanbul ENT centre. The organizers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors. The festival featured over 25 tents dedicated to the scientific aspect of the event, showcasing research and projects focused on empowering women. More than 35 tents were designed to showcase different countries and their unique cultures, providing attendees with a glimpse of the diverse traditions and lifestyles around the world.

Over 20 tents were arranged for food fundraising, and attendees enjoyed various cuisines. With over 7,000 participants from various backgrounds, including students, academics, and members of the public, the festival was a true celebration of diversity and women’s empowerment. One of the highlights of the festival was the participation of the Faculty of Pharmacy, who played an integral role in the cultural and scientific tents. The faculty represented Canada, Palestine, Argentine, and India in the cultural tents, showcasing their unique customs, traditions, and history.

In the scientific tent, the Faculty of Pharmacy presented different projects focused on the theme of the festival, highlighting the important role of women in scientific research and innovation. The projects presented by the faculty received great acclaim from the festival attendees, who were impressed by the groundbreaking research in the field. For that purpose, the projects were under the title “First Doctor” to present the role of our mothers in taking care of our health. Our students also presented an app used to calculate calories and generate a healthy diet for each person, as well as a hair mask created by our fifth-grade students to regenerate hair growth. A community service project to reduce chemical exposure at home by using natural available products was also demonstrated by our students during the event.

The festival was a true celebration of women’s empowerment and the diverse cultures and traditions that make our world so unique. On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy, we want to thank everyone who participated in organizing such a beautiful event.