Orphanage Centre Visit: Community Service Project

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University (TIU) organized a visit to the orphanage centre, aiming to fulfill the requirements of the centre in the most effective manner possible, while also dedicating a day to engage the children in enjoyable activities that have been carefully planned in advance.

The project commenced with a successful fundraising event held on the university campus. The students of the faculty organized various activities including food preparation, games, and handmade art, resulting in a significant collection of funds for the project’s purpose.

The subsequent phase involved visiting the orphanage and consulting with the Heads of the Girls and Boys Departments, Ms. Zhino and Mr. Sherwan, respectively, to determine the specific needs of the children. Based on these discussions, a comprehensive list of required items was compiled. A meeting was then arranged for the volunteers, where the project supervisors, Dr. Parua, Dr. Zeytun, and Dr. Saya, provided an update on the project and discussed the contents of the list.

Following the meeting, the team proceeded with the procurement of the necessary items for the orphanage. With great satisfaction, all the listed items were successfully acquired, and additional items, including toys for the children, were also purchased. The third-grade students made sure to select playful and beneficial games that encourage group participation. Cosmetic products such as sunscreen and deodorant were sourced from a local pharmacy to ensure their quality.

On May 18th, 2023, the Dean of Students Representatives from the Faculty of Pharmacy, accompanied by volunteer students, visited the orphanage. The items were packaged into boxes, organized by gender and product type, by the dedicated volunteers and supervisors prior to the visit. The visit included a provided lunch for both the children and the staff of the orphanage. Afterwards, the children gathered for games, face painting, and fun activities. Before concluding the visit, the Head of the Nursemaids graciously allowed the volunteers and staff to view the children’s accommodations.


The organizers of the project and the volunteers expressed their gratitude to the staff for their warm welcome, expressing their enthusiasm for future visits. The hope is to engage the children in more educational and entertaining activities during subsequent visits. The Faculty of Pharmacy extends its utmost appreciation to all the organizers, volunteers, and participants for their invaluable contributions to this meaningful project. Looking ahead, we anticipate and welcome similar projects in the future.