Faculty of Pharmacy Device Training Courses

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University is proud to announce the accomplishment of the following trainings conducted during the 2021-2022 academic year. On behalf of the faculty, we would like to thank all lecturers who participated in providing the training courses and staff members who contributed to the training success. Total attendees were 22 from academic and assistants of faculty and each training for each device is done on different days.


S. No

Date Equipment

Presented by

1 6 Dec 2021 FTIR Dr. Omji Porwal
2 7 Dec 2021 DSC Dr. Sharad Visht
3 9 Dec 2021 Nanosizer Dr. Esra Tariq
4 21 Feb 2022 Rota evaporator Dr. Javed Ahamad
5 21 March 2022 Single Beam Spectro Mr Shwan Mahmood
6 12 May 2022 Freeze Dryer Dr Sharad Visht
7 25 May 2022 Double Beam UV Dr. Javed Ahamad