The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University launched a series of awareness programs for local schools. The aim of Drug Misuse Community Service Project was to bring students and staff members to work together to prevent drug abuse by youth in our community. This project aims to raise awareness and provide a range of skills, knowledge, and understanding surrounding substance misuse.

On the 22nd January Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University arranged a visit to Nilufer Girls’ High School. The important affect of such activities to our community generally and young generations specifically was discussed with the Nilufer Girls’ High School President and the Vice President. The activity was organized and supervised by Dr. Shayma, Dr. Dlanpar, and Dr. Zahraa and coordinated by Pharmacy Dean of Student’s Representative Dr. Zeynel Polat, Dr. Rozhan and Dr. Sarmad. Third-grade and forth-grade students participated in this project.

The visit was part of the series of activities of the Drug Misuse Awareness Project.
At the start of the seminar, the students introduced the pharmacy faculty and themselves to the attendants in each different classes.
Rebaz Nabaz and Tara Ibrahim third-grade pharmacy students talked about analgesic misuse and overuse in our community, that were followed by Sara Hawraz and Yad Haval, who presented the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, as the second part of the seminar. The third part of the seminar was delivered by Ahmed Azad and Helin Ibrahim forth-grade students, who discussed the danger of smoking and vaping in our community and especially among youths. Shara Sirwan a third-grade pharmacy student supported each team throughout the event.

Nilufer Girls’ High School welcomed the Tishk pharmacy faculty staff and students warmly and thanked the team for their hard work. On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy, we also would like to extend our gratitude to Nilufer Girls’ High School for their collaboration and great hospitality.