Faculty of Pharmacy Barzan Hiking Trip

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University annually organises a hiking trip for its staff and students. This year, the Faculty arranged a hiking trip to Barzan, Kurdistan, on November 9th, 2022. The purpose of the outing was to collect litter around the Barzan hiking area to help our environment become cleaner and greener.

Students from all five stages and faculty staff members joined the trip, which was supervised by Mr. Omar Jabali, who is known to be the top trip advisor in Kurdistan.

Once the buses arrived at the designated location, Mr. Omar Jabali shared instructions with all participants. Each group of students, their assigned class advisors and staff of the department hiked up the beautiful nature the Barzan Area is well known for. The place provided mesmerising views for the participants to enjoy their time while not forgetting the project’s aim as the groups arrived at their destination and helped clean the environment by picking up the litter left behind.

The hiking activity was followed by a picnic amongst the area’s beautiful nature, ending the day perfectly, forgetting all stress with the relaxing landscape. The buses started their trip back at sunset and arrived safely at the university later in the evening.