Drug Misuse Awareness Community Service Project: Ishik Gulan International School

The last contribution to the Drug Misuse and Awareness Community Service Project was conducted on January 22nd, 2023, in which the project organisers, Dr. Zahraa, Dr. Shaymaa and Dr. Dlanpar, with the Dean of Students Representatives at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Zeynel Polat, Dr. Rozhan and Dr. Sarmad, visited Ishik Gulan International School. The purpose of the visit was to raise awareness among school students on drug misuse.

Students presented themselves to the school staff and students, and a seminar was held to explain the importance and danger of drug misuse and the adverse effects on the body’s different body organs and the complications that can follow. They further discussed how drugs could be correctly used in our daily lives that could eventually result in beneficial effects rather than drug misuse-induced adverse effects. The team also introduced ways to prevent abusing drugs.

The seminar was presented by pharmacy third-grade students Yad Haval and Rebaz Nabaz, and fourth-grade student Ahmed Azad. The seminar was followed by a session of questions, where the interested students asked several challenging questions on the misuse of drugs and their effect on the human body. Third-grade students Sara Hawraz, Tara Ibrahim, Shara Sirwan, and fourth-grade student Helin Ibrahim were thrilled to answer all their questions. In the end, the faculty students advised the school students regarding their future, delivered a closing speech and thanked the school students and staff members for their hospitality and interest in this topic. Both the school staff and the pharmacy staff gave valuable feedback and emphasised the importance of this subject to the youth in our community.

On behalf of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Tishk International University, we would like to thank Ishik Gulan International School for its collaboration and great hospitality.