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Autism Care and Awareness


ACAP is a project that has been organized on the 01/02/2021 and successfully accomplished on 30/06/2021 by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tishk International University, under the supervision of Assistant Lecturers Ms. Amani Tahsin and Dr. Rozhan Arif, and the participation of students from all grades. The project was conducted over 6 months, focusing on the hurdles that people with autism face every day. Through the cooperation with Hana Autism Centre in Erbil, the organizers of this project undertook several activities with the aim to increase the understanding and acceptance of autistic people. Our team provided learning materials and arranged activities [...]

Autism Care and Awareness2021-08-16T14:25:06+02:00

Mawlid Al-Nabawi


On December 9 2019, the faculty of Pharmacy organized a Mawlid in celebration of the  birth of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH). The event started by the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran by the student Muhammed Sultan, followed by  mesmerizing chants accompanied by Daf performance that was prepared by the 2nd and 3rd grade students. The event also included a speech on prophet Muhammed's character and actions by Dr.Husamaddin, the Imam of haji braim biryati mosque Here are the highlights of the event through this short video created by the talented student Mustafa

Mawlid Al-Nabawi2021-02-04T08:50:47+02:00

Volunteering Certificate


On December 9,2019, in appreciation of the tremendous efforts of Pharmacy students in organizing the fundraising for Rojava, the Deanery of Students through its representative Dr.Rojan Arif, was delighted to present appreciation certificates to the students who volunteered in the fundraising event encouraging them to do more volunteering projects and wishing them more prosperity in their future activities.

Volunteering Certificate2019-12-15T22:43:08+02:00

Dinner For Freshman Students and their Families


On December 5 2019, the faculty of Pharmacy organized a welcoming dinner for the freshman students and their families with the participation of the staff of the faculty. The event started with an introductory video about Tishk International University (TIU), its facilities, activities, and the students perspective on the university, following that, the Dean of faculty Dr.Muath Sheet, and the Head of Department Dr. Esra Bayrakdar each gave an informative speech to the parents familiarizing them with the system that is being  employed within the university. After that, Muhammed Sultan, a third grade student, shared his college experience with his freshman [...]

Dinner For Freshman Students and their Families2019-12-10T01:18:36+02:00

Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony


On November 28, 2019, in light of celebrating the enrollment of freshman students in pharmacy department of Tishk International University, and under the direct supervision of the Dean, the Head of Department, and the Dean of Students representatives, the faculty of Pharmacy organized a white coat ceremony for freshman students signifying the start of their academic career. The ceremony started with a moment of silence in respect to the martyrs followed by the Kurdistan national anthem. Then the Dean of Pharmacy faculty Dr.Muath Sheet ,the Head of Department Dr. Esra Bayrakdar, and the Dean of Students Mr. Ali Bala all gave [...]

Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony2019-12-07T21:38:54+02:00

Rojava Fundraising Event


As the humanitarian crisis in Rojava reached its peak during the past month, many families fled to Kurdistan Region and are currently in need of basic life necessities. Based on that, on November 12, 2019,  the Deanery of Students at Tishk International University organized a fundraising event to deliver aid to our brothers and sisters from Rojava. Pharmacy staff and students have actively participated in the event with their donations, food, and clothing to help decrease even a whit of the suffering and hardships facing the people from Rojava.  

Rojava Fundraising Event2019-11-15T11:39:37+02:00

fall semester : midterm exam schedule


By Sazan Mazin The faculty of Pharmacy will have it's midterm exams for 2nd and 3rd grades from November 16 to 27, 2019, attached below is the schedule for the exams,with our most sincere wishes of success to all our dear students.

fall semester : midterm exam schedule2019-11-14T22:15:52+02:00

Pharmacy orientation program for freshman students


On November 7, 2019, the faculty of Pharmacy organized an orientation program for the newest members of the Pharmacy family, the freshman students. In the beginning of the program, the head of the department Dr. Esra Bayrakdar, delivered a speech to the students giving them general information about university life, the Pharmacy career, and the start of their academic journey. Then, the dean of students representatives familiarized the students with the extracurricular activities taking place at Tishk International University and the opportunities that the students will have in participating through various projects and their chances to unleash their capabilities and talent. [...]

Pharmacy orientation program for freshman students2019-11-08T21:13:20+02:00

TIU hiking trip


On Saturday, November 2, 2019, in conjunction with the world hiking day, Tishk International University organized a hiking trip to Safeen mountain for its students. Pharmacy students have participated vastly in this activity enjoying the fresh air, the stunning view as well as promoting fitness and healthiness which is an inseparable part of their profession. Check out the highlights of the trip in this video captured by the talented Pharmacy student Omar Mamand.

TIU hiking trip2020-12-01T07:35:30+02:00

Pharmacy staff welcoming the new academic year


On October 1, 2019, the faculty of Pharmacy organized a welcoming event for the new academic year (2019-2020) where the staff of the faculty gathered and shared lunch together,wishing a prosperous year for the students as well as the staff.  

Pharmacy staff welcoming the new academic year2020-12-01T07:37:38+02:00
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